Join The AFCI

Recognizing the global production community has a diverse makeup, the AFCI offers multiple ways to join the organization.

Film Commissions, government departments, private sector industry vendors and service providers, members of the broader business community and education institutions can all join either as Members or Affiliates.  These different categories are designed to accommodate diverse sectors of the industry and service their professional expectations.

  1.  MEMBERSFilm Commission Members and Film Liaison Members are generally non-government or government designated entities chartered to provide information and assistance to the film, television and media industry about working in their local territory at no cost to the client.
  2. AFFILIATESPreferred Industry Affiliates (those operating almost exclusively in the industry e.g. sound stage facilities), Production Company AffiliatesBusiness Affiliates (those for which the film, television and media industry is but one aspect of their business e.g. hotels) and Education Affiliates. Generally speaking, companies/organizations will fit into only one category, however a case can always be made to AFCI.

By joining the AFCI, Members and Affiliates are entitled to a wide range of tangible benefits such as:

  • heavily discounted access to AFCI University courses online
  • the ability to attend the AFCI’s high-level networking events such as AFCI Week, which hosted the inaugural Physical Production Power Brunch in conjunction with The Hollywood Reporter, and Cineposium and its accompanying Business-to-Business Industry Day.
  • A high profile listing on The Global Production Directory, a one-stop directory powered by the AFCI and The Hollywood Reporter
  • Discounted advertising rates in The Hollywood Reporter
  • Access to member-only document libraries (reports, white papers, legislation and film commission guidelines from around the globe)
  • Ability to use “AFCI Member” or “AFCI Affiliate” logo on marketing materials and more

A new online Membership and Affiliate application form and online payment processing will be live soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in becoming a Member or Affiliate of the AFCI, please contact Marjorie Galas, VP – Membership & Industry Relations at

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