AFCI has three membership levels: this form is for Film Liaison Members

A Film Liaison is a non-profit that handles film, television or media enquiries on a semi-regular basis.
The Film Liaison may be a government office, such as an economic development or tourism office, or any other entity that is required to respond to requests for filming in your region.

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Steps to membership

    1. Application: Complete the form below and submit payment
    2. Verification: AFCI will verify your office
    3. Approval: AFCI will announce your membership
    4. Objection period: AFCI members will have 30 days to consider your membership and raise any issues. If an issue is raised, a review period will commence
  • Induction: Complete your directory profile

What happens if my application is denied?
If membership is denied for any reason, your membership fee will be reimbursed minus the initiation fee of $350.00.

Connect with our Senior Director, Members and Education, Marjorie Galas if you have any questions.


All membership and application fees must be submitted with your application.
Explore payment methods below.

Annual Film Liaison member fee: $500
One-time initiation fee: $350                          Total due: $850 USD

Quick check

  • Does your organization qualify as a Film Liaison?

Not sure if you qualify?

Contact Marjorie Galas at

The membership payment is due at the time this application is submitted. The application will not be reviewed until all funds are received.
Film Liaison Member: $500 + 1 time $350 initiation fee* = $850 USD

Payment may be made via one of the following options:

Credit Card
(Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
Go to to make a credit card payment.

Wire Transfer (add $25 USD wire transfer fee)
Bank: Wells Fargo
ABA Routing #: 121000248
Acct #: 9350853611

Check (US Dollars only):
9595 Wilshire Blvd.
Ste 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

*$350 initiation fee may be due again should dues lapse for a 12 month period.
** VAT Number: not applicable