Nominee Name:
Nevina Satta
Film Commission:
Sardinia Film Commission
Term Nomination:
2 Year Term

Nominee's Professional Brief

Nominee Professional Biography

I am the CEO of Sardegna Film Commission/ Foundation and former Vice-President of the Italian Film Commission Association (IFC) and I am also Board Member of CineRegio. Born in Sardinia, I got my Philosophy degree and Cultural -Media Studies and Visual Anthropology PhD in Milan, where I began my career as Filmmaker and Producer. Before returning to my homeland after twenty years, I was based in Los Angeles, developing and producing narrative features and documentaries. Professor of Film Producing and Directing in various EU Universities, I also worked as consultant of International Film Festivals and as architect of training initiatives (including Locarno Film Summer School for 20 years and African Asian Latin American Film Festival of Milan). I founded with my husband the Unicef-endorsed NGO TravelingFilmSchool. I am specializing on Sustainability in the Creative Industries and I am developing new models for the Audiovisual Industry, Funds & Institututions.

Professional Knowledge, Skill sets, and Strategic planning Experience

In my experience as producer in the EU Film Industry I witnessed the increasing crucial role played by film commissions to support co-productions, global funding schemes and innovative strategies. I have worked as FC to attract investment and foreign capital to my region, succeeding in 5 years to bring Sardinia to the attention of big studio-projects including the latest series CATCH22 by George Clooney for Paramount TV/Hulu. Networking, Policy making, Fundraising and film experience are the skills and knowledge I have put at the service of my regional, national and EU service, and now I believe I could be helpful to bridge connections in a more global scale. It has been a long wonderful journey since my first AFCI University class in 2012 and I feel ready now to share my experience and serve eventually on the AFCI Board of Directors.

Which areas of AFCI activities and programs do you think are of the most strategic importance to you and why?

The audiovisual industry along with other creative industries is anchored in the territories where we operate and it is our duty to promote and protect them with innovative plans. I believe that only a solid network of cooperation can generate strength. That’s why AFCI networking activities should be aimed to a global institutional capacity building, training of new professionals, social inclusion and awareness on Sustainability. The increasingly central role played by our Film Commissions in support of young talents, of filmmakers, video makers, businesses and local workers is strategic. A role that is expanding and diversifying to encompass the entire supply chain in the knowledge supporting the production can not be separated from the distribution and promotion in an international perspective. AFCI could expand its capacity to become a model for other industries and public administrations.

What is most appealing to you about serving on the board of directors?

The role of film and audiovisual production is central in todays’ social interaction: thanks to the contamination of languages and imagination, we can create new skills, active participation and responsible action from each citizen and human being in the planet. This generates new jobs, new training opportunities, new possibilities of interaction and new capabilities in each member territory and I would love to expand in a global scale these initiatives.

Also, the awareness that everything has already changed in relationship to the planet and the environment, and that our action is long overdue, and has to be responsible, grounded, with a viral awareness and activation of new behaviors and practices of responsible consumption is pervasive and persuasive and among other initiatives I think I could reinforce the GREEN agenda of the AFCI Board.

The AFCI family has taught me so much about ambition and empowerment of each land represented by the members and I would love to do more at AFCI.