Nominee Name:
Sigmund Elias Holm
Film Commission:
Western Norway Film Commission
Term Nomination:
2 Year Term

Nominee's Professional Brief

Nominee Professional Biography

I have been at the helm of Western Norway Film Commission since 2007. Historically an uncharted territory for high budget productions, Western Norway is now seeing an influx in high-profile projects (MGM, Universal, Marvel, Paramount, Legendary). After years of lobbying efforts at all levels of government, Norway introduced a 25% incentive program in 2016. We are not yet where we want to be, but we are on the way. Much credit is due to the AFCI community, for providing benchmarks, inspiration, and assistance in this process.

Being honored with the Dancy Jones Award at AFCI Locations Show in 2010 led me to my first Cineposium in Universal City. I have participated at most, if not all, AFCI events since then, and I regularly attend most key film festivals.

Prior to the film commission, I worked with event management and PR for the arts sector. I graduated in Media Science from the University of Bergen in 2006, with stints at Wits in Johannesburg and Universitat Autónoma in Barcelona.

Professional Knowledge, Skill sets, and Strategic planning Experience

I have had the pleasure of being a board member since 2015. I am currently also on the board of directors of (Norway’s most exciting) jazz festival, as well as an association of regional film funds.

Serving on the AFCI board is an exciting opportunity to think beyond the scope of my regional film commission, and I believe I can bring an eye for new opportunities and partnerships to the board. I recently helped facilitate a partnership between AFCI and WIFTI. I believe AFCI will benefit from having members on the board who are regularly attending the key film markets around the world.

I bring to the table the perspective of a rather remote jurisdiction, a position that necessitates international industry partnerships. Western Norway has enrolled as a business member of LMGI, sponsored the PGA Awards, partnered with international associations such as ACE and eQuinoxe, and over the years we have hosted workshops and fam trips for film producers from 28 countries.

Which areas of AFCI activities and programs do you think are of the most strategic importance to you and why?

I am very excited about the opportunities for AFCI in the coming years. The past two years have been challenging. AFCI has undergone a complete and necessary overhaul. Jess Conoplia has done a tremendous job helming the organization in this challenging process, building ties with industry partners at the highest levels, and raising industry awareness and recognition for film commissions and the contribution we make to the industry.

The most pressing issues remain financial stability and industry relationships and support, as this is the backbone for providing more value, services, and educational opportunities to members. Increased industry support will enable AFCI to provide a broader suite of services to the membership, in terms of price points, content, and platforms.

AFCI also needs to look at developing a stronger membership structure. Most other industry associations have a wider variety of membership categories and levels, and this is something AFCI might have to consider.

What is most appealing to you about serving on the board of directors?

We have a vibrant community of film commissioners with many unique voices, and I welcome the chance to be a part of the conversation. My interest in serving on the board is to keep engaging more with the organization and to engage in discussions on how to place AFCI where it belongs, at the epicenter of the global film industry. If you have questions about my candidacy, please feel free to connect.