Nominee Name:
Mohannad Bakri
Film Commission:
Royal Film Commission Jordan
Term Nomination:
2 Year Term

Nominee's Professional Brief

Nominee Professional Biography

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Archaeology, Al-Bakri has been involved in the field of creative industries for over a decade in the Arab region. His latest tenure was at New York University in Abu Dhabi (2015 – 2019), where he was Director of External Relations and Partnership. Prior to that, Al-Bakri was the Regional Managing Director of Luminus Media – Jordan (SAE Institute) from 2012 until 2015; during that period, he worked on the development of the Institute by introducing new creative and professional features. Al-Bakri served as the Capacity Building Manager at the RFC for five years (2007 – 2012). He is therefore well-known to the Jordanian film community and has largely contributed to developing its local and regional training programs.

Professional Knowledge, Skill sets, and Strategic planning Experience

Since I started my career I’ve been always running the development ventures of the organization I was working under, but it was the years I spent in the development of the Jordanian film industry under the Royal Film Commission which allowed me to leave a mark behind wherever I worked. I believe that the capacity building of the screen industry, through designing training programs all the way to film labs and mentor ship programs will be the an area in which I shall service the AFCI Board of Directors.

Which areas of AFCI activities and programs do you think are of the most strategic importance to you and why?

The Jordanian screen industry is still young and hence our collective experience is still being developed, what we have accomplished in the past fifteen years was mainly a result of a huge investment in education and training programs, in addition to the field experience which armed us with a set of very useful lessons which can contribute in the development of the screen industry regionally and internationally. and for that we feel the AFCI Week and Cineposium are equally important.

What is most appealing to you about serving on the board of directors?

The AFCI is a very well respected organization and we believe that it plays a very important rule in the development of the film industries around the world throughout it’s network being a pool of knowledge available for the growing film industries around the world.