Nominee Name:
Abby Kurin
Film Commission:
Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture
Term Nomination:
2 Year Term

Nominee's Professional Brief

Nominee Professional Biography

Abby Kurin is the director of the Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture (Tulsa FMAC), a role that she’s held since 2015. The accredited film office is the only city film commission in the State of Oklahoma, and is a division of Tulsa Regional Tourism at the Tulsa Regional Chamber. Tulsa FMAC works to promote the Tulsa region as a creative hub and cultural destination, while working to grow the creative industries. Tulsa FMAC initially started at the City of Tulsa, where Abby launched the Tulsa Mayor’s Film and Music Office in 2014 to promote and grow the film and music industries in Tulsa. The office moved under tourism in 2015. Previously, Abby was the associate editor and contributing writer for ArtDesk Magazine, associate producer and Tulsa-segment host for the travel show, Discover Oklahoma, and development coordinator for the Oklahoma Film + Music Office. Abby has produced music events and parties at SXSW for Oklahoma and Tulsa for 10 years.

Professional Knowledge, Skill sets, and Strategic planning Experience

Launching a new film office has taken a great deal strategy. Accessing what and who is in your area, and developing a plan of action to not only get the word out about the office, but also providing the best service to those who need your help. When I reflect on launching our office, a key component to our success is building relationships. Collaboration is a necessity. Engaging our industry members regularly, and providing consistent content is a part of our strategy. As an AFCI board member, I would love to be a part of the conversation on how to engage members. From a new employee of an established film office (Oklahoma Film + Music Office) to launching a new film office in the second largest city in Oklahoma (Tulsa FMAC), I’ve seen firsthand the importance AFCI can offer to individuals in this field.

Which areas of AFCI activities and programs do you think are of the most strategic importance to you and why?

I believe Cineposium is the strongest opportunity for film commissions and their staff. The education portion, combined with the networking with other film commissions is extremely helpful and important for all involved. This is a chance for us to come together to learn from each other. Even seasoned film commissioners should be elated to be a part of this organization. I also believe AFCI activations at established events around the world are extremely helpful. Sundance Film Festival, South By Southwest, American Film Market, etc… these opportunities for film commissions to network with attendees provide a great return in investment for their office and area.

What is most appealing to you about serving on the board of directors?

I’m passionate about this industry, specifically working in a film office. Tulsa FMAC is multi-layered, we not only serve as a film office, but also work in music and the arts. Creativity is our strength, and our focus. Serving on the AFCI board of directors, I’d bring an upbeat attitude, and a creative approach to issues and ideas. I would enjoy serving on this board with likeminded individuals who see the value of AFCI and what it offers to a film office or film commission professional. I have no doubt I would learn a lot, and would embrace that opportunity. Every time I’m able to attend something related to AFCI I’m inspired, and I would like to be an integrated member serving an organization that has provided so much insight for me and my office.