Nominee Name:
Timothy Owase
Film Commission:
Kenya Film Commission
Term Nomination:
2 Year Term

Nominee's Professional Brief

Nominee Professional Biography

Timothy Odhiambo Owase MCIM, (Chartered Marketer), BBA (Marketing) MA (Communication and Development) Certified Film Commissioner

A Chartered marketer, and holder of a Master’s Degree in Development and Corporate Communications and Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. A Chartered Marketer and a communications specialist in practice with experience spanning over a decade. I am currently the Chief Executive Officer at the Kenya Film Commission.
As applies to most Chief Executive Officers, my principal responsibilities to offer leadership and management of the Commission as a body corporate. Day to day running of the Commission, which entails making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and ensuring stewardship with accountability of resources. I am answerable to the board of directors with overall responsibility of managing the Commission’s image and stakeholder engagement.

Professional Knowledge, Skill sets, and Strategic planning Experience

-Excellent personnel management with demonstrated skills in leading multi-disciplined, multi-cultural teams.
-A high-caliber marketing and communications professional with over 15 years of multinational experience.
-Adept in business transformation and change, including restructuring, brand change, regulatory programs, service delivery and new markets.
-Strong in performance development, management and service delivery to diverse audiences.
-A proven ability in strategic thinking and planning and experience in coordinating and implementing strategies with an extensive experience as well as professional training, knowledgeable with good networking skills and benchmarking.

Which areas of AFCI activities and programs do you think are of the most strategic importance to you and why?

AFCI being a member driven organization, i consider active membership as one of the most critical pillar, followed by the core activities for the sustainability of the association. Events, are equally critical because of the value they accrue to the membership. AFCI needs to actively drive value to members hence the spread of this activities and access by members is important.
Research and policy frameworks – This would add the much needed support by AFCI to film Commissions, especially in influencing policy or acting as a lobby group for film commissions. this would help member commissions on ease of understanding by varied governments.
Reward exemplary commissions in their outstanding areas of operation.

What is most appealing to you about serving on the board of directors?

This to me is a calling, as serving this sector and adding value is the most of my desires. I also see an opportunity to contribute to the community of film commissions. Imagine out of the entire African continent, only Kenya was represented at the Cineposium this year. This is an opportunity for me to help in the recruitment of the majority who are not yet enrolled.
I am strategic and conversant with boardroom decision making, especially for this case i find that we are missing on numerous opportunities for growth.