About Cineposium

For 44 years, Cineposium has been the epicenter for film commissioners to learn, share experiences and create lifelong bonds. There is no other global event that provides such opportunities specifically for our industry. At Cineposium, we cover the hot-button issues that are most relevant to our members, and this year’s online conference will be no exception. It will explore how film commissioners are navigating the extreme demands presented by Covid and the uncertainties of the post-Covid world. By partnering with the Ohyay virtual events platform, this year’s Cineposium will be the most accessible in our history. It will bring Cineposium directly to you in a new and exciting format.


Online via Ohyay Immersive Virtual Space


October 19-21, 2021

Who Should Attend?

AFCI members and their entire office staff.

Given the travel costs associated with attending a live event, film offices typically send just one or two staff members to Cineposium. For this year’s online event, we encourage you to register your entire staff.

Some members have asked if AFCI will allow them to extend a Cineposium invitation to their non-member colleagues who work in the industry or a related field. The answer is yes.

For further information or inquires, please contact Marjorie Galas | marj.galas@afci.org