Cineposium 2017

SAVE THE DATE: October 20 - 22

Cineposium 2017: Los Angeles

The 41st Annual Cineposium conference will take place this fall in Los Angeles, California, the world's largest production center and home to "The Big Six" - Warner Bros. Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Sony Pictures and Walt Disney Studios. 

Designed exclusively for Film Commissioners, Cineposium provides an opportunity for directed education, training and face-to-face access to industry leaders. Additional conference informaton is forthcoming.                

Cineposium 2017 will be hosted at The Garland Hotel, Los Angeles, additional information is forthcoming will be published online.

Why Cineposium?

Cineposium is unique! Hosted by the Association of Film Commissioners International, this is the only opportunity for film commissioners to set aside competition and work together to benefit their own community and raise the level of professionalism and stature of film commissioners everywhere.


Film commissioners are key members of the film industry, and we need to make sure everyone knows it.                                  


Only at Cineposium can you:

Consult with the experts: your colleagues! Being a Film Commissioner is an exclusive club, with less than 1000 people sharing this classification in the entire world.
No one understands the unique challenges of this job better than another film commissioner, and at Cineposium you get the chance to 'pick the brains' of over 100 of the most experienced and engaged members.


Address major industry topics such as tax incentives and other forms of funding, workforce development, lobbying vs. education, insurance and safety issues, internal and external marketing, film festivals and film-related tourism, and working with different cultures.

Hear it from "the horse's mouth".


Location managers, studio executives, independent producers, and other industry leaders tell us directly what they need from film commissions, how their part of the industry is changing, and where they see opportunities to collaborate.

Learn about the latest trends and technologies. Long before most people heard of previsualization or appreciated the power of crowdfunding, leaders in those industry segments presented at Cineposium. Our members got a head start on such diverse topics as green filmmaking, the transition to digital filmmaking, the explosion of visual effects, and the emergence of video games as a major industry driver.

If you want to grow your film commission, increase the economic impact of film in your region, and provide support for your film community, the information you need to make it all happen can be found at Cineposium. Reserve your seat today!


“Cineposium, developed specifically for film commissioners, is THE educational event where commissions and staff members can come to find out the latest industry trends, and network with their peers and industry.” - Greg Hemstreet, Senior Director – Production Finance, NBC Universal

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