AFCI Bylaw Vote Results

Results of the Proposed Bylaw Changes

The voting period for the proposed changes to the AFCI Bylaws closed on Friday, September 7, 2012. Both proposals passed. Details below:

  1. Summary of Change: Section 9.02.  Composition of the Board. Change the number of Board Members from 13 to 11.

    Results: 90.7% of the votes cast supported the reduction in the size of the AFCI Board of Directors. Starting with the 2013 Board of Directors, there will be 11 total seats.

    New Bylaw Will Read As Follows: Section 9.02. Composition of the Board.  The Board shall be comprised of eleven (11) Members. The immediate past president of the Association shall be an ex-officio, nonvoting Member of the Board for one (1) one-year term following the expiration of that individual’s last term as president of the Association.

  2. Summary of Change: Section 9.03.  Election and Term of Directors. Add the language limiting to five terms, the number of consecutive terms a Member may serve on the Board.

    Results: 96.3% of the votes cast supports the addition of a 5-term (10 years) consecutive term limit.

    New Bylaw Will Read As Follow: Section 9.03. Election and Term of Directors. The Board of Directors shall be elected by the Active Members for staggered terms of two (2) years. The election shall be held each year in September. Election shall be by plurality of the votes cast. Members shall be limited to serving five consecutive two-year terms.