Mentorship Program

At Cineposium 2014 the AFCI presented a new, complimentary value-added component to our membership. The AFCI Mentorship Program matches AFCI-member organizations with designated mentors:

  • to obtain professional support and guidance from other film commissioner peers
  • to foster communication and leadership-building skills among film commissions or commissioners
  • to improve the standard quality of services offered by film commissions

Benefits of Becoming a Mentor

  • Build a network of film commission relationships
  • Create opportunities to continually improve leadership skills
  • Earn points toward becoming a Certified Film Commissioner (CFC)
  • If already a CFC, earn points toward maintaining CFC status

Benefits of Being a Mentee

  • Have a caring ear to hear your triumphs as well as your frustrations
  • Develop skills as a “problem-solver” and gain a sharper focus on what’s needed to grow professionally and organizationally
  • Develop skills as a “learner” and find new ways to acquire new skills
  • Develop skills as a “communicator” by improving the ability to express expectations, goals, and concerns
  • Secure a long-term advocate within the organization
  • Receive knowledge about the “ins and outs” of the film industry
  • Receive constructive feedback

If you are interested in this program, please contact Melanie Field at +1-323-461-2324 ext. 3 or

For additional information download the AFCI Become a Member booklet

AFCI Membership Booklet