When production industry decision makers are looking for a location, the AFCI is their first stop. They want to rely on a local film commissioner who truly understands their needs and can make filming in the region a success. As a non-profit educational association, our vitality is sustained by the strength of our membership. And in turn, we are committed to advancing the role of film commissions on the international production stage. We believe AFCI affiliation offers unparalleled benefits and invite you to consider the value of membership:

  • Professional development: The AFCI offers multiple levels of training for its members and their staff. From the entry-level Film Commission Fundamentals class to our Master Classes and the Certified Film Commissioner program, our members are the best trained in the world ensuring every production receives top flight professional service.
    • AFCI University: Achieve the know-how to thrive in today's competitive marketplace. Tailored to interest everyone from industry newbie to seasoned veteran, multi-level classes are offered online via
    • Cineposium: Our marquee annual event designed exclusively for film commissioners provides an opportunity to gain directed education and training plus face-to-face access to industry leaders.
    • Live Workshops and Seminars: At every AFCI event, expect to find a hands-on workshop, seminar, or panel discussion on a topic important to the work of film commissioners.
  • A global network facilitating relationships between film commissioners and with industry decision makers.
    • Locations Inquiry Service: Designed to streamline requests for locations and serve as an information resource, this online tool connects AFCI Members with each other and enables the production industry to contact scores of locations worldwide in a few simple steps.
    • Beyond Cinema: A lens on the international film community and the integral work of member film commissions, the AFCI's new official publication features stylish special sections, in-depth perspectives and exclusive interviews. Available in three annual print and digital editions, Beyond Cinema is also a savvy marketing and networking vehicle offering a platform for discussion, education, and entertainment among filmmaking professionals and enthusiasts.
    • Locations Show: The premier event for the global production industry, Locations Show serves as the collective face of the film commission profession. Showcase your jurisdiction, facilities and capabilities to scores of current and potential clients worldwide while making connections with other exhibiting film commissioners.
  • Established credibility. The AFCI is the only global association of trained film commissioners with representation on six continents. Offering unique local insights coupled with global production capabilities, the AFCI and its more than 300 Member Film Commissions are consistently regarded by the industry as top-notch, trusted resources. When production industry decision makers are looking for a location, the AFCI is their first stop.

Additional AFCI Member benefits include:

  • Access to and member discounts for all AFCI educational and marketing services, including AFCI University Courses, Beyond Cinema, and Locations Show
  • Access to the Members Section of the AFCI Website, including the Document Library
  • Listing in Beyond Cinema, the Membership Directory, and on the AFCI Website
  • Subscription to the monthly AFCI newsletter
  • Access to AFCI research, including the Member Profile Survey
  • Access to the AFCI Member Logo for inclusion in your materials
  • A voice and vote in all membership meetings and elections
  • NEW Mentorship Program matching new film commissions with veteran members

For additional information download the AFCI Become a Member booklet

AFCI Membership Booklet

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