Western Norway Film Commission

Georgernes Verft 12
N-5011 Bergen
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Since Star Wars chose Western Norway as a location for the Ice Planet Hoth - Empire Strikes Back, the region has been a popular international production destination in Norway and Scandinavia. The region has doubled for fictional planets, Himalaya, the Arctic and Antarctic, Greenland, Siberia and Alaska, and the film commission is open for new challenges!

Awarded the world's most iconic landscape by National Geographic, the spectacular fjord, mountain and city locations have continued to attract international productions from Europe, India and US, alongside successful domestic titles such as The Troll Hunter. Western Norway has a small but growing industry, and a crew base known for its efficient approach to production. Here everyone speaks fluent English, and the region offers a refreshing approach to the red tape associated with filming in many countries. Shooting in public areas is free of charge, and the everyman's right principle makes it easy to shoot in the great outdoors.

WNFC provides support for location scouting and production meetings, and offers an array of free liaison services. We also work with local authorities and tourism bodies, and can put together attractive packages for major productions. Western Norway features up to 22 hours of daylight in summer, year-round snow, glaciers, waterfalls, fjords, exotic beaches, dramatic rock formations, farm villages and coastal art nouevau and hanseatic cities.

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Sigmund Elias Holm
Film Commissioner

Sigmund Elias Holm

Film Commissioner