Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office

1680 Fruitville Road
Suite 402
Sarasota, FL 34236
United States
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UP-TO-100% CASH REBATE INCENTIVE PROGRAM - it's incentivocative! incentivsational! Incentspirational,
even! Discover Sarasota County's unique, fast, easy performance-based CASH BACK incentive from a film
commission seeking to create a filmcommotion... Our catch phrase of being "Incentuitive" means we're tuned in on
many levels to a production of every kind and budget needing incentives. Spend as little as $1,000, get some cash
back. Spend more, get much more. Get County government fees/costs back 100% (County permits, parking, law
enforcement, fire, emergency services, buildings, beaches, parks, and more). Sarasota County is FLORIDA'S
FRESH FACE...Striving to be FIRST, FAST, AND FULLY-LOADED! We're a full-service, full-time proactive
film commission, offering a DYNAMIC WEBSITE that has unique features you won't find often elsewhere ....
CHECK IT OUT! Plus, extensive photography and new media, scouting fam tours, locations' assistance across 
570-square-miles of diverse looks & inter-governmental teamwork evidenced by A SINGLE REGIONAL
PERMIT FORM that covers three cities, two towns, one county, and five barrier islands/keys, plus unincorporated
communities! We're here to serve ~ put us to work FOR YOU!
+1 (888) 765-5777ext. 104
+1 (941) 309-1200ext. 104
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Jeanne Corcoran

Jeanne Corcoran


Kimmi Heath-Carrico

Production Coordinator