Panama Film Commission

Edison Plana, 3rd Floor
Ricardo J. Alfaro Avenue & El Paical
Panama City 01119
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The Panama Film Commission is a division under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, created to promote and facilitate the filming industry to be developed in this country by giving the producers and directors of movies and tv programs the support and benefits in order to open new opportunities in our country.

Under the Law Nº 36 of 19 of July of 2007 which establishes the norms, regulations and incentives for the film industry, we can provide services such as One Stop Shop for film permits and production needs, Web site with list of providers of equipment and services related to the film industry (makeup, catering, editing, etc.), Access to process visas and work permits, before coming to Panama, Film Fund to help boost the Panama film industry, Special incentives for companies that want to open permanent film facilities in Panama, Production Guide Book available at the web site, as well as in hard copy, and a Library of Locations available also via Internet and CD.

+507-5600600ext. 2579
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Gabriel Padilla

International Project Manager