Film Commission Information

Commission Representative: Bas Van Der Ree
Phone: +31 20 578 84 65
Netherlands Film Commission
Pijnackerstraat 5
Amsterdam, Noord Holland
The Netherlands

Commission Incentives

30% Rebate

Minimum Spend: €100K
Project Cap: €1M
Annual Cap: €19.25M
Cultural Test: Yes

At least 50% of the production budget should be in place upon application and only applications with a minimum of 75 points out of 200 points are taken into consideration.

Possible advance up to 30% of the grant after signing the production agreement. Two interim payments upon request, after shoot and after picture lock, based on actual spend to up to 90% of the total grant. Last 10% after approval of all required documents of the project and determination by the Fund. Payment within eight weeks after submitting required documents.