Huesca Film Office

Avenida Parque 3, 2-1E
22002 Huesca
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Located in the north of Spain and sharing border with France, the province of Huesca offers within a short radius, a wide range of outstanding locations for film, TV and photography production. These include desert landscapes, the high mountain slopes of the Pyrenees or the beautiful canyons of the Sierra de Guara. Its historic heritage provides some remarkable buildings like the castle of Loarre, jewel of the Romanesque architecture, or the Ciudadela, in the city of Jaca, extraordinary example of the military architecture of the 16th century. Urban spaces are also available in the province’s cities like Huesca, its capital. 

The province is well equipped in terms of transportation, accommodation, catering as many other services that make it the right place to host any production project. Its close connections to Barcelona and Saragosse, grant to Huesca the benefits of a wide range of extra production services beyond those locally available.

Huesca Film Office offers reliable help and support for productions, promoting easy access to the great possibilities of the province and to the film friendly inclination of its people and institutions.

More information is available on Huesca Film Office’s website.

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