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Cutting Costs

  • Affordable locations and low to fee-free permits.
  • No bed tax is incurred after a 30-day consecutive stay.
  • The cost of living in Ohio is roughly 35%
  • 41% less expensive than the Los Angeles region and over 50% less expensive than Manhattan.

Diverse Locations

  • Urban, suburban and rural communities.
  • Deep forests and majestic bodies of water.
  • Industrial town squares and innovative city blocks.
  • Rolling hills and farmland.
  • A range of period architecture.
  • All in close proximity.


You can hire your crew locally. Ohio’s experienced and dedicated base ready to work across our state.

Outstanding Customer Service

Working as your partner, Ohio cities, counties and state government will support and assist your production every step of the way. The Ohio Film Office acts as the one-stop-shop to get your production rolling.

Film Friendly

Ohio’s crews, businesses, local government and citizens welcome filming. In addition to being knowledgeable about a production’s needs, Ohio boasts a film-friendly environment ready to support you.

Quality Talent

With Ohio’s rich history of theater and film, the talent pool is ready to assume a starring, supporting or day-player role. As the seventh most populous state in the country, Ohio also provides a vast extra pool.

Four Seasons

If your production falls between seasons, you can maximize your production value. No added special effects or set alterations.

Attractions and Entertainment

  • Professional sporting teams.
  • World-renowned orchestras and art museums.
  • Antique shopping.
  • Amusement parks.
  • Eclectic and diverse neighborhoods to explore.
  • Country getaways and island escapes.
  • Culinary destinations.

Accomodations and Travel

  • Luxury hotels.
  • Charming boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts.
  • Major airports with commercial hubs and international service.



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