Czech Film Commission

State Cinematography Fund
Dukelskych Hrdinu 47
170 00 Praha 7
Czech Republic
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The Czech Republic is the jewel of Europe. Its beautiful cities and natural wonders make it a favorite playground of many filmmakers. The country offers producers an exceptional production value:

-      20% rebate on local expenditures

-      10% rebate on international cast and crew

-      flexible and experienced crews

-      world-class facilities and equipment

-      award-winning post and VFX houses

-      great range of easy-to-reach locations

The Czech Film Commission is a one-stop shop for answers and avice to all questions about filming in the Czech Republic. We help filmmakers get the most out of thein shoots in the Czech Republic by providing consultation, guidance and contacts. We are the most comprehensive resource for information about filmmaking locally, from legal requirements and permits, to locations, talent and incentives.
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Nela Cajthamlova

Project Manager

Ludmila Claussova

Film Commissioner

Pavlina Zipkova

Producers Liaison