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Creative BC, British Columbia's Creative Industry Catalyst, brings together all production related services under one roof. From Tax Incentives, Pre-production planning, Location Packages to Production Support, our experienced team members are here to support you.

British Columbia has built a solid reputation and track record for delivering excellence to moviemakers, both in terms of production value and quality, and all at a highly competitive price.

Offering the same time zone and close proximity to Los Angeles, experienced and highly skilled cast & crew, world class infrastructure, the capacity to crew 40 productions simultaneously, expertise in visual effects, digital animation and digital media and world class post-production facilities, British Columbia has every competitive advantage.

Add in BC’s diversity of locations and highly competitive Provincial and Federal tax credits, and you can see why British Columbia is home to hundreds of film and television productions each year.

Contact the Film Commission at Creative BC to address all your creative needs.
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Julie Bernard

Manager, Production Services

Sandi Richter Cooper

Film Commissioner