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The Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media attracts and facilitates content creation in the state to generate economic growth in all of its communities. We also connect filmmakers, animators, gamers and photographers to the resources they need, such as location assistance, crew referrals and inter-governmental cooperation.

We administer a 20% cash rebate incentive program for production costs, which covers feature films, television pilots, television series (broadcast and cable), television commercials, music videos, industrials, documentaries, and video game design and creation, as well as other forms of content creation. connects you to over 500 crew members and 500 searchable locations. With over 14 distinct regions and a highly skilled workforce, Colorado has everything you need.

Colorado’s communities range from the very large metropolitan communities to small farming and ski communities spread across the state. Colorado offers filmmakers all four seasons to choose from and many shooting locations are near towns and cities with hotels and a host of other services.

General Climate:
Most of Colorado has a cool and invigorating climate that could be termed a highland or mountain climate of a continental location. During summer there are hot days in the plains, but these are often relieved by afternoon thundershowers. Mountain regions are nearly always cool. Humidity is generally quite low; this favors rapid evaporation and a relatively comfortable feeling even on hot days. The thin atmosphere allows greater penetration of solar radiation and results in pleasant daytime conditions even during the winter. This is why skiers at high elevations are often pictured in very light clothing, although surrounded by heavy snow.

The climate of local areas are profoundly affected by differences in elevation, and to a lesser degree, by the orientation of mountain ranges and valleys with respect to general air movements. Wide variations occur within short distances. The difference (35°) in annual mean temperature between Pikes Peak and Las Animas, 90 miles to the southeast, is about the same as that between southern Florida and Iceland. The average annual snowfall at Cubres in the southern mountains is nearly 300 inches; less than 30 miles away at Manassa in the San Luis Valley, snowfall is less than 25 inches. While temperature decreases, and precipitation generally increases with altitude, these patterns are modified by the orientation of mountain slopes with respect to the prevailing winds and by the effect of topographical features in creating local air movements.


The film industry in Colorado dates back to the 1890’s and includes everything from big budget thrillers to low budget independent films so what ever type of production you have Colorado is the place for your production. Whatever you need in terms of infrastructure to complete your project you can find it in Colorado.

Most recent films:
2017: Our Souls at Night (Netflix)
2017: Amateur (Netflix)
2016: The Hateful Eight (The Weinstein Company)
2016: Heaven Sent (Lifetime)
2016: Dear Eleanor (Sony Pictures)
2015: Furious 7 (Universal Pictures)
2015: Cop Car (Park Pictures)

Most recent television series:
2016: The Lifted Life (Velocity Channel)
2016: The Joey Canyon Show (RFD-TV)
2016: Xfinity Latino Entertainment (Comcast)
2015: Ultimate Sportsman's Lodge (Great American Country Channel)
2015: Max Lucado: Traveling Light (Trinity Broadcasting Network)
2013-2016: Prospectors (Weather Channel)
2015-2016: Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet (Animal Planet)
2013-2015: Podium 360 (Universal Sports Network)

Top media companies:
Starz Entertainment
High Noon Entertainment
Citizen Pictures
Orion Entertainment
Liberty Media
Dish Network/Sling TV
Comcast/NBC Universal
+1 (303) 892-3840
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