Colombian Film Commission

Calle 35 No. 5-89
Bogota, D.C.
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The Colombian Film Commission is a program of Proimagenes Colombia, The Ministry of Culture, The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, with the support of Proexport Colombia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that promotes the country as a film location.
Our services:
• Walk through producers into incentives application and regulations.
• Inform producers and directors interested in Colombia of the best possibilities and alternatives for their projects in terms of logistics, locations, accommodations, Colombian talent, authorizations, contacts, etc.
• Advise producers and directors about Colombian legislation regarding taxes, financing, hiring, customs, permits, visas, coproduction, etc.
• Supply contact with the various businesses, producers, institutions and national and regional authorities related to their productions in order to make their work quicker and more effective.
•Facilitate the expedition of National film office permit for filming on national territory and the courtesy visas for cast and crew.
• Set-up packages of photographs of locations upon request.
• Organize pre-scouts and support recce process in Colombia.
• Ensure that producers, directors, cast and crew have the best experience shooting in our country.
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Lina Sanchez

Promotion Executive