Cine Tirol Film Commission

Maria-Theresien-Str. 55
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Cine Tirol is an initiative of the Provincial Government of Tirol and the Tirol Tourist Board. The commission aims to position Tirol in the absolute forefront of international film production conducted in alpine countries.
With professionalism, flexibility and creativity the Cine Tirol Team provides comprehensive support for all film makers from Austria and abroad interested in the film site Tirol.

As a particular aid the services of the Cine Tirol Location Service are on principle provided free of charge to all film makers. By creating and making available extensive information and with on-the-spot personal escorting and assistance for producers and directors the Tirol's various amenities are presented in the best possible way, easing the decision process for concrete film projects. Outstanding local knowledge, excellent relations with the local population, professional contacts with companies, authorities and the domestic film branch, fluency in foreign languages, great effort and great insight characterize the trained Cine Tirol location scouts. In addition, the Cine Tirol location archive is available with more than 600 selected locations and photos of these. The Cine Tirol show reel provides film glimpses of the province and its locations together with film productions already realized in the Tirol. Cine Tirol is also at your disposal with help and advice if you are in search of general information concerning the province, authorities and institutions and it provides you with a list of all Tirolean companies and people (Crew & Facilities) who might be of help in a film production.

The main activities of Cine Tirol include:
• Cine Tirol Location Service: A free service available to all film makers which includes information and assistance, especially in finding the perfect locations in the Tirol.
• Cine Tirol Production Incentive: Production grants are available to selected film projects. Main grant criteria include the economic effect of the production on the region (‘Tirol Effect‘) and the thematic relation of the production to the region (‘Tirol Reference‘).
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Cine Tirol
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Thomas Fuchs

Location Services, Crew & Facilities

Anna Griesser

Commercials, Music & Photos

Johannes Koeck

Film Commissioner

Angelika Pagitz

Production Incentives & Events