Busan Film Commission

52 Haeundae-haebyunro, haeundae-gu
612-824 Busan
South Korea
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Since the creation of the Busan Film Commission, about 40% of all Korean film locations are now being filmed annually in Busan. Also, BFC has provided not only the locations but the indoor studio filming and camera equipment with the establishment of Busan Cinema Studio. Along with the entire post-production company AZworks, established in 2009 by co-investments of BFC and Busan Metropolitan City, Busan provides one-stop service for film production aiming to build the best environment for production.

Busan Film Commission is preparing a future-oriented production facility to cope with ever-digitalized shooting environment. Digital Bay, renovated Busan Cinema Studio will bring imaginary places to reality with the combination of Korea’s first virtual studio system, computer graphic system, and digital shooting equipment. Digital Bay will take you beyond the limit by rendering studio/location-shot images and CG at one place

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