Atlanta Office of Film & Entertainment

55 Trinity Avenue SW; Ste 4350
Atlanta, GA 30303
United States
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The Office of Entertainment is the official film office for the City of Atlanta. 

To support the city’s rapidly expanding film industry; the Office of Entertainment has streamlined the permitting process for film productions, facilitates employment of local talent, creates production-related educational and training opportunities, and safeguards the interests of residents and businesses affected by film productions. 

In addition to streamlining the permitting process for film productions in the City of Atlanta, the Office of Entertainment is also responsible for the following:

  • Issuing permits to productions filming on public property in the City of Atlanta
  • Facilitating communication between producers and city agencies
  • Minimizing potential inconveniences to residents and local businesses affected by film production
  • Supporting the provision of education and training opportunities in entertainment production; if you are interested in finding out more information on our training opportunities, please go here
  • Partnering with the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office to market Atlanta as a leading center for film, culture and entertainment


While the Office of Entertainment seeks to promote and facilitate filming in the City of Atlanta, we are also committed to minimizing disruption in neighborhoods, communities and businesses. The office will provide information upon request about current or scheduled filming and work to resolve issues that may arise during production. 

To ensure that your interests are appropriately addressed on every permit, we solicit input from community members and work with city agencies to maintain neighborhood conditions. All approved permits are the product of a rigorous and collaborative process.
+1 (404) 330-6006
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