The 2016 AFCI Creativity Awards

The Creativity Awards is a FREE contest and an AFCI Member benefit. It is a unique opportunity for film commissions to showcase their marketing efforts in attracting commercial, film and television productions to their respective markets within the past 18 months. The AFCI partnered with Montana based, The Audience Awards to host the annual best-in-marketing contest. 

During the competition voting is open to the public including The Audience Awards' network of over 100,000 subscribers. AFCI Members can participate in the voting process, casting their vote for their own and fellow film commissions participating in the competition. 

The contest categories include:

  1. Best Logo
  2. Best Promotional Swag
  3. Best Ad Design
  4. Best Video Reel
  5. Best Website Design
  6. Best Production Guide

How Winners Will be Selected:

Each category will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place certificates based on the popular vote in the general election.

AFCI Members that submit to atleast five (5) contest categories will be added to the long list of eligible nominees for the Best Overall Campaign Award, the contest's top prize.

The cumulative vote count across all categories where long list eligible nominees participated will be counted; the top three film commissions that recieve the most votes will move to the finals round to be voted on by an AFCI independent jury to win the contest's top prize that will be awarded to ONE film commission.