Certified Film Commissioner

The designation of Certified Film Commissioner will be awarded to members who have completed the AFCI training program, signifying achievement of the highest level of accomplishment in the profession. The certification program, designed to be comprehensive and challenging, requires the successful completion of the two classes required for membership and four Master Classes, as well as options including participation in events, mentoring colleagues, and other enriching educational opportunities.  Every two years, Certified Film Commissioners (CFC) will need to gain additional points to demonstrate ongoing achievements in education and service to the industry.

Budget constraints and travel restrictions have become the norm rather than the exception for film offices around the world these days.  As a result, many members have been unable to attend on-location events where CFC Master Classes have been offered and therefore have had difficulties completing their professional certification.

AFCI is dedicated to offering our members the tools necessary for meeting the challenges of today's film commission.   As an educational organization we established the core competencies that provide every film commissioner with a solid foundation, and deliver this content through four Master Classes.  While these courses were formerly only offered at AFCI events and Cineposium, they will now be offered online, accommodating all members around the globe – and for a far lower cost!

How the program works:

The Certified Film Commissioner program is now a credit-based program.  This allows for greater flexibility for members to take courses in smaller, more manageable sized courses, and select extra curricular courses that specifically interest them. Courses will be divided up into 4 subject areas (the Master Classes).

To become a Certified Film Commissioner, members must take the two basic courses:

  • Film Commission Fundamentals (FCF)
  • Film Commission Professional (FCP)

Followed by the four Master Classes:

  • Film Commissioner as Economic Developer
  • Marketing for Film Commissioners
  • Advanced Studies in Film Production
  • Management for Film Commissioners

A written case study is no longer required. In place of a case study, a credit system has been developed. Members must accumulate 25 additonal credits in addition to the above courses.

To maintain CFC status:
Every two years, those who have acquired the CFC designation must accumulate an additional 25 credits in order to maintain active CFC status. (see below).

Below you will find the point system and the variety of ways members can gain points towards ongoing CFC status.   Note that there are “no cost” options for certification points involving a “give back” to the AFCI community. In the new CFC program, each Master Class is made up of five mandatory modules, but some have additional, specialized modules that members may take for more points.

All members who completed (and passed the tests) the previous iterations of the four Master Classes will NOT have to take the new Management for Film Commissioners course.  Members will also be given credits for courses they have completed in the past.

Additional Credits:

  • Cineposium, full attendance – 25 credits
  • Workshop, attendance - 5 credits
  • Committee Chair/Member - TBD
  • Mentoring - TBD
  • Additional modules - 5 credits

Summary of program:

  • 175 credits required to achieve the Certified Film Commission designation.
  • Completion of all the required courses (FCF, FCP and 4 Master Classes) would give you 150 credits.
  • Additional credits could be achieved through completing additional modules or other activities (mentoring, committees, Cineposium, etc.).
  • Members that have taken the previous courses (FCF, FCP, or Master Classes) would be given 25 credits for each course.
  • Members that have taken all the previous courses (FCF, FCP, and 4 Master Classes) would already have 150 credits. They would only need to achieve 25 more credits to achieve CFC designation.
  • To keep your certification current,  CFCs would need to achieve 25 credits every 2 years.

Appeals Process:

Should a unique opportunity for education arise, a member may wish to propose an alternative for additional points, or resolve a dispute over points, he/she may take this matter to the Certification Committee. 

Please note: 

While individual courses are available to anyone for their own educational purposes, only members may achieve Certified Film Commissioner status.